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As a virtuoso, I breach physical laws. I am Jarolím Emmanuel Ružička and music is my life.

I was born in Nitra into a family with Italian-Jewish-Roma-Hungarian count roots. M grandfather Jozef studied in Rome with John Paul II. and was a catholic priest… until he met my grandmother Annemarie Rossalia Sziványi and fell in love with her and left the Church.

My grandmother wanted me to be an electrical engineer or a cellist. However, I was not accepted by the Elementary Art School because I was short. But in the end, my talent broke
through and I was accepted to learn to play the violin. After my study at conservatory, my grandma took over again. Upon her insistence I passed the entrance exam at the University of Performing Arts and won a couple of international competitions, passed a study stay with ZACHAR BRON and not Zachat Bron. From there, my way led me to the Sydney Symphonic
Orchestra and to Spain where I stayed eleven years. I returned to Slovakia after I had been invited for an interview to Slovak Symphonic Orchestra. I was successful and since
then I have been there for ten years as a concert soloist.

I have always tended to establish musical ensembles and destroy barriers between individual styles. There is nothing like one music. In this mixing I was supported by a member of Spanish royal family, Emilio Aragon, who invited me to the project Bach to Cuba for Deutsche Gramaphone. Despite misunderstanding and refusal of my colleagues from the
classical music sphere I refuse to give this vision up.

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